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Player Conduct Guideline (CoC)


Splitscreen Studios
Feb 28, 2011
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Player Conduct Guideline (CoC):

It is our goal to create a pleasant environment for our players which is characterized by being entertaining, enriching and respectful at the same time. These guidelines aim at creating an understanding for what it means to be a part of the Steel Legions community.

The following rules apply to any game developed by Splitscreen Studios GmbH. When you register for one of our games, you accept to always adhere to these rules, and you acknowledge that a breach of the rules may entail a penalty, depending on the severity of the breach.

Please remember that you also need to respect the rules for using the in-game chat and posting in the forum, as well as our Terms and Conditions.

1. Account and Avatar(s)

{a} Choice of Avatar Name (nick, character name)
You are not allowed to name your avatar(s) or clan in a way that carries a racist, obscene, sexual, insulting, drug abuse glorifying, threatening, religious-fanatic or anti-religious meaning; names must also not contain numbers exclusively nor violate any laws in the legal domain of our Terms and Conditions, which will result in an appropriate penalty. It is also forbidden to refer to the names (nicks) of any former or current member of the game master team and Splitscreen Studios GmbH staff in a direct or indirect way.

{b} Copyright
You must not use or transfer contents protected by intellectual property law, except when you own the rights yourself or have obtained legally effective permission for using them. You are liable for all legal consequences that might result from violating copyrights, misrepresenting trademarks or any other breaches of intellectual property law.

None of the games or websites developed or run by Splitscreen Studios GmbH may be used for commercial purposes (e.g. advertisements) without permission.

{c} Transfer / Trading of Accounts and Account Sharing
The transfer or trading of accounts is strictly prohibited; all game accounts represent virtual property of Splitscreen Studios GmbH and their affiliates. This includes any form of account sharing, which is defined as the use of a single account by one or more additional players that are not directly associated with the account.

{d} Use of Multiple Accounts
It is not allowed to create multiple accounts in an attempt to violate game, chat or forum rules or our Terms and Conditions. Any such violations may entail the imposing of sanctions against the designated main account.

2. General Code of Conduct

Always remember that there is a human being on the other end of the internet!

It goes without saying that no one is to be ridiculed, mocked, insulted, verbally harassed or offended. Respecting others is paramount at any time.

A simple rule of thumb: Never write something you would not dare to tell the addressee in person and in front of other people.

{a} Use of Words / Chat Rules
The use of objectionable language that is of a racist, obscene, sexual, insulting, drug abuse glorifying, threatening, religious-fanatic or anti-religious character is in no way permitted and will be penalized accordingly. Possible penalties include but are not limited to the issuing of cautions, muting (disabling the in-game chat), in-game jailing or banning, and they will be applied according to the severity of the breach of rule. What use of words is deemed harassing or offensive is at the sole discretion of the person in charge.

{b} Threats
A threat is an act of (verbal) violence in which a future action is announced that implies a negative impact on the person receiving the threat. It is an outspoken intent of causing damage or loss to another person.

Directing threats at other players will not be tolerated and entails a penalty.

{c} Personal Data
Protect yourself by not handing over your personal data to third parties. Do not hand over the personal data of other persons without their explicit permission either.

Neither Splitscreen Studios GmbH, nor any of its affiliates and GMs (Game Masters) will ever ask you for your login password. The only information they need to identify and handle your game account is an avatar name and the name of the server that the avatar was created on.

3. Complaints / Penalties / Sanctions

A breach of the rules may be penalized according to the severity of the breach, starting with an issuing of cautions or muting (disabling the in-game chat), and leading up to in-game incarceration or even banning for repeat offenders. In especially indictable offenses, a severe penalty may be issued without warning and with no regard to the usual successive order of penalties.

{a} Reporting Players
To report a breach of rule from another player, sufficient proof must be supplied. Without proof, a breach of rule cannot be investigated further. A basic, but usually sufficient means of proof is to send in an unaltered screenshot of the observed breach of the rules that also shows the server time of the incident (press the F11 key before taking the screenshot).

{b} Ban / Suspension of Game Accounts
When you have been jailed, temporarily banned or your game account was suspended indefinitely, you may not create a new account or avatar. If a new account or avatar is created in spite of this rule, the time your account will remain jailed or banned will be increased, and a jail sentence may be converted into an account ban. Every new account or avatar that is created while a jail sentence, ban or suspension is in effect, will be jailed, banned or suspended immediately as well.

4. Terms of Use

Use of the services offered is only permitted via common web browsers or specialized software which has been explicitly cleared for use by the service provider.

{a} Exploiting Software Errors and Bugs
It is not allowed to exploit software errors and bugs in the game. If you spot an error or bug that could be exploited, you must inform the game’s operators right away; contacting a GM is another possibility. Keeping an exploitable error or bug a secret, or informing third parties that are neither the game’s operators or GMs of an exploitable error or bug, is also considered a breach of rules that may then be penalized.

Service may at times be affected by errors or experience temporary failure as a whole. As a user of the service, you are not entitled to receive compensation (or a rollback of your account) for disadvantages caused by server failures, network transfer errors, software errors (bugs) or other technical malfunctions.

{c} Use of Third-Party Software
The use and distribution of software that is capable of offering systematic and/or automated means of control and/or evaluation of performance or function (e.g. through bots, macros, scripts etc.) is not permitted.

We reserve the right to monitor the activity of users of our services in order to be able to investigate user demands, fix technical errors and confirm our policies as service provider. All data created through the monitoring of user activity is treated strictly confidential in accordance with the data privacy act.

We reserve the right to change or extend the code of conduct for users of our services at any time, and without user consent.

If you do not agree with any of the above rules, please refrain from playing any of the games run by Splitscreen Studios GmbH.

The rules outlined in this document may not contain every possible form of misuse of our services. We reserve the right to take action and penalize what we perceive as abusive behavior without limiting us to the examples given in this document.